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r_d_pharm_logo  Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd is uniquely positioned as an OEM House Brand Specialist and Business Development Manager for Pharmaceutical and Skincare Contract Manufacturers in Singapore and overseas. She is the 1st pharmaceutical company in Singapore to achieve the Professional Enterprise Award in year 2007.

R & D has been established in Singapore since 2006 by a team member with more than a decade of experiences in healthcare & skincare industries. The team member comprises of nutritionist, compounding pharmacist and chemist as her backend (R & D & manufacturing) support, business consultants (for branding development), graphic artiste (for packaging artwork), and sales managers (for business development) who have served and handled numerous medical doctors in their own clinics (practice) and O.T.C. market in Singapore. She understands their clients’ need & expectation, enables medical doctors, clinics & healthcare industry players to create their own brands or labeling of oral & topical (aesthetic) products, in large or small batches.

R & D’s products have been manufactured in accordance to Good Manufacturer Practice (GMP) standard and compliance to our local Health Science Authority (HSA), (FDA) in USA, (EU) in Europe and / or (MAL) in Malaysia requirement.

The Differences:

R & D focuses on * OEM House Brand (private label) services of products related to health, beauty & hygiene in oral, topical and patch form. She does not distribute for other company’s product.

R & D also specialise in * compounding your preferred formulation and continuing development of new & effective product formula for bringing good health to mankind.

Most uniquely, she * willing shoulder and offer smaller initial order quantity (as per your projection) with competitive pricing for each individual client like you to kick start with your own house brand range of products, marketing to retailers (B2B) or direct to end consumers rather than just distributing for others.

In this way, business owners like you * will be more comfortable due to low initial financial investment, enable to achieve long term recurring revenue and feeling happier & satisfaction because this brand is belong to you.

This * distinguishes R & D from other pharmaceutical firms in the industry.

Last but not least, * R & D is also a value-adding strategic partner of its clients popularly known as ‘Doctor’s Best Friend’, and empowers them in brand development.