Customized Compounding

Formulation of products by R & D

  1. Clients may state their specifications, e.g. targeted usage of the product, active ingredients to be included in the formulation, texture, color, quantity required and target price per kg/ml.
  2. R & D will conduct the relevant research to determine and advise if the Client’s choice of ingredients is suitable.
  3. Once the formulation has been finalized, R & D will procure the raw materials and submit a quotation to the Client.
  4. Upon confirmation by the Client, a non-refundable deposit 20% of the quotation would be collected in order to prepare product samples. Clients are allowed to amend and/or adjust the formulae of the sample compound up to a maximum of six times. Subsequently, depending on the complexity of the amendment, a surcharge ranging from S$500.00 to S$1000.00 per amendment is applicable.
  5. Upon acceptance of the final product sample, 30% of the quotation would be collected before the commencement of the actual production.
  6. Upon completion of production and filling, R & D would submit the sample to the relevant laboratories for heavy metal and toxicity test. Once the satisfactory results have been received, R & D would proceed with the delivery process.
  7. The remaining 50% of the quotation would be collected one week before delivery.

Hygiene Room Facility

The production process is conducted in facilities which comply with (HSA) Health Science Authority of Singapore, (MAL) Ministry of Health of Malaysia, (CHA) Ministry of Health of Canada and/or (FDA) Food & Drug Administration of USA with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Packaging & Labelling

  1. On top of the customized formulation, R & D provides customization of graphic artworks, silkscreen or label printing in accordance with our Client’s requirement
  2. R & D would source of the various types of plastic and/or glass containers to meet our Client’s need


R & D offers encapsulation of all powder ingredients into capsules, tablets, and softgels


  1. Natural raw materials in liquid or powder form for skin & oral
  2. Vitamins
  3. Minerals
  4. Botanical Extracts
  5. Nutritional Supplements


In order to assure 100% Private & Confidential, our business consultants will deliver the goods personally to your designated business premises.