Custom Oral

# Product Name Function
1 ALFALFA Fortifier and Diuretic
2 ALOE Maintenance of Digestive Tract and Laxative
3 ALOE VERA Aloin Laxative
4 ALPHA LIPOIC ACID Superior Anti-Oxidant
5 ARTICHOKE Leaf Liver Protector, Reduces Cholesterol
6 ARTICHOKE Caffeolicquinic acid Liver Protector, Reduces Cholesterol
7 ASH TREE Leaf Good for Arthritic pains, Rheumatisms and Kidney Pains
8 ASTRAGALUS Root Maintenance of Digestive Tract and Nervous Tonic
9 BALM LEMON Leaf Sedative and Maintenance of Digestive Tract
10 BILBERRY Leaf For Intestinal Infections, Reduces Blood Sugar Levels
11 BILBERRY EXTRACT 100 1 25% antho For Intestinal Infections, Reduces Blood Sugar Levels
12 BIRCH Leaf Maintenance of Digestive Tract and
Good for Oedema
13 BLACK RADISH Root Sedative and Maintenance of Digestive Tract
14 BLACK COHOSH Root For Intestinal Infections, Reduces Blood Sugar Levels
15 BLACK WALNUT Hull For Intestinal Infections, Reduces
16 BLACKCURRANT Leaf Blood Sugar Levels
17 BLESSED THISTLE Plant Maintenance of Digestive Tract and
18 BLUEBERRY Leaf Good for Oedema
19 BOLDO Leaf Maintenance of Digestive Tract and
20 BONESET Herb Liver Protector, Slightly Laxative
21 BORAGE Leaf Sedative and Sexual Anxieties
22 BOSWELLIA Properties
23 SERRATA Vemtifugal Effect
24 BOXWOOD Leaf Joint Care, Liver Protector and
25 BUCKTHORN Root Menopause Discomfort
26 BURDOCK Root Blood Depurative, Tonic and
27 BUTCHER’S Maintenance of Digestive Tract
28 BROOM Root Rheumatisms and Diuretic, Night
30 CAT’S CLAW Bark Liver Protector Problems and Sedative
31 CAT’S CLAW & Devil’s Claw Properties
32 CAT’S CLAW 7.5mg Alkaloids Liver Protector and Constipation
33 CAYENNE Problems, Appetizing and Tonic
34 CHAMOMILE Flower Skin Disease, Unnary and Respiratory
35 CHARCOAL, Vegetal Tract Affections
36 CHASTEE TREE Berry Anti-inflammatory, Anh-arthntic and
37 CHERRY Stems Anti-ulcerogenic Properties
38 CHICKWEED Leaf General Immunity, Nervous Troubles
39 CHITOSAN Deacetylated Diuretic, Locative and Expectorant
40 CHLORELLA Skin Disease, Rheumatisms
41 CHLOROPHYLL Powerful Vasoconstrictor, also for
42 CHONDROITIN SULFATE (Bovine) Hemorrhoids, Cramps and Voices
43 CLAY, GREEN Relieve Osteoarthntic Symptoms,
44 CLAY, WHITE, Cholesterol, Glucose Metabolism
45 CLOVE Buds Disorder and Stress
46 CO-ENZYME Q-10 Maintenance of Digestive Tract and
47 COLOSTRUM IgG Laxative and helps in Losing Weight
48 COUCHGRASS Root 450 mg Joint Care, Immunity and Tonic
49 CRANBERRY Joint Care, Immunity, Tonic, Analgesic
50 CROWFOOT and Anti-inflammatory
51 CURCUMA Root Joint care, Immunity and Tonic
52 DAMIANA Leaf Stimulant and Digestion Aid
53 DANDELION Root Maintenance of Digestive Tract and
54 DANDELION ROOT EXT _ Nervous System
55 DEER ANTLER Maintenance of Digestive Tract
56 DEER VELVET ANTLER (Canadian) Diuretic, Sedative for Urinary
57 DEVIL’S CLAW Root Infections, Oedema, Rhumatisms and
58 DEVIL’S CLAW5_ 75 mg Harpago_ Arthritic Pains
59 DONG QUAI Root Diuretic, Sedative for Urinary
60 DONG QUAI 1% ligustilides Inflammations Oedema,
61 DONG QUAI 1500mcg Ligustilides Rheumatisms and Arthntic Pains
62 DONG QUAI Extract Tonic and Respiratory Affections
63 ECHINACEA ANGUST_ 411, Echinacosides Slimming Aid
64 ECHINACEA ANGUST_ Root Immunity and U V Ray Protection
65 ECHINACEA PUR Herb Helps Body Assimilating Carbon
66 ELDERFlower Restores Joints (Arthritic Pains and
67 ELM SLIPPERY Bark Rheumatisms)
68 EUCALYPTUS Leaf Maintenance of Digestive Tract,
69 EYEBRIGHT Antiseptic
70 FENNEL Maintenance of Digestive Tract,
71 FENUGREEK Antiseptic
72 FEVERFEW Antioxidant, Heart Energizer,
73 FO-TI Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative
74 GARCINA Diw ws
75 CAMBOGIA Immunity Booster
76 Extract HCA Diuretic, Urinary Infections
77 GARCINIA Urinary Infections and Prostate Care
78 CAMBOGIA Fruit Relaxing Properties
79 GARLIC Bulb Maintenance of Gall-Bladder and Bile
80 GARLIC Channels
81 ODORLESS General Tonic, Diuretic and Slight
82 GARLIC, Allicin Sexual Anxieties
83 GELATIN Tonic, diuretic, Depurative and Good
84 GERMANDER for Cholesterol and Digestive Tract
85 GINGER Root Tonic, Diuretic, Depurative and Good
86 GINGER Gingerols for Cholesterol and Digestive Tract
88 GINKGO BILOBA Anti-inflammatory
89 GLUCOMANNAN Joint Cam, Analgesic and Anti-
90 GLUCOSAMINE OSTEO inflammatory
91 GLUCOSAMINE S. & CAT’S CLAW Joint care, Analgesic and Anti-
92 GLUCOSAMINE S. & DEVIL’S CLAW inflammatory
93 GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE, SODIUM-FREE Menopause Problems and Tonic
94 GOLDEN ROD Menopause Problems and Tonic
95 GOLDEN SEAL Alkaloids Menopause Problems and Tonic
96 GOLDEN SEAL Root Menopause Problems and Tonic
97 GOTU KOLA Root Immunity, Allergies, Glandular Tonic
98 GOTU KOLA Asiaticosides Immunity, Allergies, Glandular Tonic
99 GRAPE Seed Anthocyanidin Immunity, Allergies, Glandular Tonic
100 GREEN TEA Polyphenols Respiratory Tract Inflammations and
102 HAWTHORN Berry Skin Affections
103 HAWTHORN Flower Bronchia Affections
104 HOPS Minor Eye Annoyances, Coughs and
105 HORSECHESNUT Stuffy Nose
106 HORSETAIL Tonic for Intestinal Tract and Female
107 HORSETAIL 7% Silica Reproductive System, Lactation Aid
108 JAVA TEA (Orthosiphon) Good for Glucose Metabolism
109 JUNIPER Leaf Disorder, substitute of Cod Liver Oil
110 KELP Good for Migraines, Headaches and
111 KIDNEY Pod Arthritic Pains
112 KOLA Nut Anti-depressive, Good for Memory and
113 LICORICE Root Tonic
114 LINDEN SAPWOOD Aid for Losing Weight, Elimination of
115 LITHOTHAMNUS ALGAE Fat and Hunger Suppression
116 LUTEIN Extract 5% Aid for Losing Weight, Elimination of
117 LYCOPENE 3% Fat and Hunger Suppression
118 MACA 0.6% Glucosinolates Immunity and Cholesterol
119 MARSHMALLOW Root Immunity and Cholesterol
120 MEADOWSWEET Flower Immunity and Cholesterol
121 MILK THISTLE Seed Tonic, Diuretic, Anti-rheumatism,
122 MILK THISTLE 80% Silymarin Respiratory Tract Infections
123 MILK THISTLE Herb Maintenance of Digestive Tract
124 MISTLETOE Leaf Maintenance of Digestive Tract
125 MOTHERWORT Root Increases Blood Circulation to the
126 MULLEIN Leaf Brain Memory
127 NADH Increases Blood Circulation to the
128 NETTLE, Stinging, Leaf Bro. Memory
129 OLIVE Leaf Fat Ligand, Liquid Absorption
130 PAN AX GINSENG, 8% gins. Restores Joints (Arthritic Pains and
131 PARSLEY Leaf Rheumatisms)
132 PASSION Flower Vitexin Restores Joints (Arthritic Pains and
133 PASSION Flower Rheumatisms)
134 PAU D’ARCO Bark Restores Joints (Arthritic Pains and
135 PINE Bark proanthocyanidins Rheumatisms)
136 PINEAPPLE Stem Restores Joints (Arthritic Pains and
137 PLANTAIN Root Rheumatisms)
138 POLLEN, Bee Helps with Menopause and Unnary
139 PRIMROSE Problems
140 PSYLLIUM Husk Vasoconstnctor, Good for
141 PSYLLIUM Seed Haemorrhoids and Veins Affections
142 PUMPKIN Seed Vasoconstnctor, Good for
143 RED CLOVER Flower Haemorrhoids and Veins Affections
144 RED CLOVER 8% Isoflavones Nervous Tonic, for Inflammations and
145 RED RASPBERRY Leaf Respiratory Tract Infections
146 RED VINE Leaf Nervous Tonic, for Inflammations and
147 ROSE HIPS Flower 450 mg Respiratory Tract Infections
148 ROYAL JELLY Anti-oxidant Against Free Radicals
149 ROYAL JELLY Anti-oxidant Against Free Radicals
150 SAGE Leaf Reduce Blood Sugar Levels
151 SAM-e Maintenance of Cardiovascular System
152 SARSAPARILLA Root Maintenance of Cardiovascular System
153 SAW PALMETTO Berry Tonic, Antibiotic, Stomach Acid Control
154 SAW PALMETTO, 25% Fatty Acids, and Genital Sedative
155 SCHIZANDRA Root Maintenance of Circulatory System,
156 SCULLCAP Prostate and Inflammations of
157 SENNA Leaf Respiratory Tract
158 SHARK CARTILAGE Good for Lung and Joint Aftedions
159 SHEEP-SORREL Good for Lung and Joint Aftedions
160 SHIITAKE Mushroom Carrier to Reduce Cholesterol, Blood
161 SIBERIAN GINSENG Root Pressure
162 SOY Isoflavones Diuretic, Good for Menstrual troubles
163 SPIRULINA and Urinary Tract Inflammations
164 ST. JOHN’S WORT Absorbs Fats, Indicated for Excess
165 ST.JOHN’S WORT, Hypericin Body Fat, Cellulitm and Rheumatisms
166 STEVIA, WHITE Aid for Oedema, Glucose Metabolism
167 STEVIOSIDES Disorder and Albumen Control
168 STONE Root Nervous and Cardiac Stimulant
169 SUMA Root Diuretic and Sexual Anxieties
170 THYME Leaf Tonic for Adrenals, Goods tor digestive
171 TRIBULOS 4% Polyphenols Tract Spasms and Inflammations
172 TRIBULOS Polyphenols For Respiratory Tract Infections and
173 TURMERIC Curcumoids Sedative
174 UVA URSI Absorbs Fats, Indicated for Excess
175 VALERIAN Root Body Fat, Cellulitm and Rheumatisms
176 VALERIAN 0.8% val.ac_ & Eyes, Anti-oxidant Properties
177 PASSION FLOWER Eyes, Anti-oxidant, Cardiovascular
178 WALNUT Leaf Tonic, Adaptogene and Sexual
179 WHITE OAK Bark anxieties
180 WHITE WILLOW Bark Reduces rashes and inflammations,
181 WHITE WILLOW Bark Salicin stimulates milking
182 WILD PANSY Flower Indicated for slight hyperthermia, for
183 WILD YAM Root excess body fat and cellutitis, cardiac
184 WILLOW Bark tonic
185 WITCH HAZEL Leaf Blood circulation, Vances and
186 YARROW Root Menstrual Troubles
187 YELLOW DOCK Root Blood Circulation, Voices and
188 YUCCA Root Menstrual Troubles
189 Liver Protector Affections
190 Maintenance of Circulatory and
191 ALFALFA Respiratory Systems
192 ALOE General Sedative Properties
193 ALOE VERA Aloin Maintenance of Respiratory System
194 ALPHA LIPOIC ACID Maintenance of Digestive Tract, High
195 ARTICHOKE Leaf Iron Content
196 ARTICHOKE Caffeolicquinic acid Liver Protector, Diuretic
197 ASH TREE Leaf Tonic, Anti-depressive and Sexual
198 ASTRAGALUS Root Anxieties
199 BALM LEMON Leaf Stimulates Uterine Muscles and
200 BILBERRY Leaf Diuretic
201 BILBERRY EXTRACT 100 1 25% antho Sedative and Analgesic
202 BIRCH Leaf Sedative and Analgesic
203 BLACK RADISH Root Fungi and Intestinal Parasites Control
204 BLACK COHOSH Root Anti-oxidants
205 BLACK WALNUT Hull Detoxification and Diuretic
206 BLACKCURRANT Leaf Care of Respiratory and Urinary Tracts
207 BLESSED THISTLE Plant Good for allergies, fatigue and
208 BLUEBERRY Leaf immunity
209 BOLDO Leaf Good for Lung Affections and
210 BONESET Herb Bronchitis
211 BORAGE Leaf Strong Laxative from its High Fiber
212 BOSWELLIA Content
213 SERRATA Strong Laxative from its High Fiber
214 BOXWOOD Leaf Content
215 BUCKTHORN Root Urinary Tract Infections and Prostate
216 BURDOCK Root For Respiratory System Infections and
217 BUTCHER’S Blood Depurative
218 BROOM Root For Respiratory System Infections and
220 CAT’S CLAW Bark Maintenance of Throat and Bronchitis,
221 CAT’S CLAW & Devil’s Claw Laxative and Diuretic
222 CAT’S CLAW 7.5mg Alkaloids Tonic for Veins, used for Haemortuds,
223 CAYENNE Menorrhage and Menopause Troubles
224 CHAMOMILE Flower Fortifier for Recovering or Anemic
225 CHARCOAL, Vegetal people, Feeding/Pregnant Women.
226 CHASTEE TREE Berry Fortifier, Antpdepressive, Tonic
227 CHERRY Stems Fortifier, Antpdepressive, Tonic
228 CHICKWEED Leaf For Respiratory and Gastro-Intestinal
229 CHITOSAN Deacetylated Tract Inflammations, Antiseptic
230 CHLORELLA Good for Dermatitis, Herpes, Gout and
231 CHLOROPHYLL Nephritis
232 CHONDROITIN SULFATE (Bovine) Care of Prostate and Urinary Tract, as
233 CLAY, GREEN a Sedative and Sexual Anxieties
234 CLAY, WHITE, Care of Prostate and Urinary Tract, as
235 CLOVE Buds a Sedative and Sexual Anxieties
236 CO-ENZYME Q-10 Analgesic, Anti-depressant and
237 COLOSTRUM IgG Improves Mental Faculties
238 COUCHGRASS Root 450 mg Analgesic and Laxative, Induces
239 CRANBERRY Menstruation
240 CROWFOOT Laxative and Purgative
241 CURCUMA Root Immunity and Joint Care
242 DAMIANA Leaf Immunity, Ancient cure for ‘Scurvy
243 DANDELION Root Immunity Booster, Cholesterol
245 DEER ANTLER Energy and Insomnia
246 DEER VELVET ANTLER (Canadian) Pre-Menopause, Regulates Healthy
247 DEVIL’S CLAW Root Cholesterol Level
248 DEVIL’S CLAW5_ 75 mg Harpago_ Energy, High Protein and Vitamins
249 DONG QUAI Root Content
250 DONG QUAI 1% ligustilides Bronchia Affections, Anti-depressor
251 DONG QUAI 1500mcg Ligustilides and Sedative
252 DONG QUAI Extract Bronchia Affections, Anti-depressor
253 ECHINACEA ANGUST_ 411, Echinacosides and Sedative
254 ECHINACEA ANGUST_ Root Hypoglycemic Effect
255 ECHINACEA PUR Herb Effective Against Water Retention and
256 ELDERFlower as a Tonic
257 ELM SLIPPERY Bark Hypoglycemic Effect
258 EUCALYPTUS Leaf Bactencide, Fungicide and Vemtifugal,
259 EYEBRIGHT Fights Flatulence and Promotes Bile
260 FENNEL Production
261 FENUGREEK Promotes Testosterone Secretion
262 FEVERFEW (Body Building, Male Performance)
263 FO-TI Promotes Testosterone Secretion
264 GARCINA (Body Building, Male Performance)
265 CAMBOGIA Maintenance of Gaff bladder and Bile
266 Extract HCA Canals
267 GARCINIA Good for IGdney and Respiratory
268 CAMBOGIA Fruit Affections, Prostate Hypertrophy
269 GARLIC Bulb Aids in Nervous System, Sedative,
270 GARLIC Good for Vomiting
271 ODORLESS Aids in Nervous System, Sedative,
272 GARLIC, Allicin Good for Vomiting
273 GELATIN Good for Skin Affections and Diarrhea
274 GERMANDER Hemorrhoids and Diarrhea
275 GINGER Root Can be used as a Sedative for Genitals
276 GINGER Gingerols and Nervous System, a Tonic tor
277 GINKGO BILOBA Leaf Digestive Tract
278 GINKGO BILOBA Sedative for Genitals and Nervous
279 GLUCOMANNAN System, a Tonic for Digestive Tract
280 GLUCOSAMINE OSTEO For Respiratory System, Skin
281 GLUCOSAMINE S. & CAT’S CLAW Affections and Rheumatisms
282 GLUCOSAMINE S. & DEVIL’S CLAW Diuretic, for Cramps, Neuraloas and
284 GOLDEN ROD Maintenance of Prostate, Sedative, for
285 GOLDEN SEAL Alkaloids Headaches and Migraines
286 GOLDEN SEAL Root Maintenance of the Circulatory System
287 GOTU KOLA Root Menstrual and Menopause Discomfort
288 GOTU KOLA Asiaticosides and Tonic
289 GRAPE Seed Anthocyanidin Tonic, Anti-anemic and Depurative
290 GREEN TEA Polyphenols Anti-inflammatory for Arthritic Pains
291 GYMNEMA SYLVESTRIS and Rheumatism, Blood Depurative
292 HAWTHORN Berry and Rheumatism, Blood Depurative

Active Ingredient (MG) in Customized Formula

  1. 1 – 50mg
  2. 51mg – 250mg
  3. 251mg – 500mg
  4. 501mg – 1000mg
  5. 1000mg and above

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